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Crystal Soda Blast, LLC

Member since: 2014
Specializing in coating removal and surface preparation for all types of coatings, hazardous materials, paint, rust and more. We also do industrial cleaning to remove contaminants such as lead and PCB paint as well as soot and mold.
Washington, Idaho, Oregon
sandblasting, sandblast, cleaning, abrasive, dry ice, shotblasting, stain, seal, concrete polishing,

CSI Codes
Cleaning of Cast-in-Place Concrete03 01 30.51
Resurfacing of Cast-in-Place Concrete03 01 30.61
Rehabilitation of Cast-in-Place Concrete03 01 30.71
Resurfacing of Precast Concrete03 01 40.61
Cleaning of Precast Concrete03 01 40.51
Rehabilitation of Precast Concrete03 01 40.71
Cleaning Cast Decks and Underlayment03 01 50.51
Resurfacing of Cast Decks and Underlayment03 01 50.61
Painting and Coating09 90 00
Exterior Improvements32 00 00
Surface Removal Decontamination02 51 33
Surface Removal Decontamination by Grinding02 51 33.13
Surface Removal Decontamination by Sand Blasting02 51 33.16